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Black Rhino – Kenya

Jun 8th 2012

Black Rhino wandering the planes of Kenya a really rare sight considering they’re critically endangered due to poachers hunting the rhinos for their horn for illegal sale in Arab nations.

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  1. veronika sagt:

    Really nice picture, i love this rhinos!
    Its a shame that this animals can’t live their life without fear of poacher.

    all the best – veronika

  2. Alasdair sagt:

    Yes – Less than 5000 surviving in the wild today, although poaching has slowed the population is still on the decline unfortunately!

  3. Great pic thanks for sharing. I am shocked to hear that statistic…so sad! How I love Africa, I will return one day…hopefully soon :)

  4. Tour Explora sagt:

    Thanks God, there are still many Rhinos in this world. In Indonesia, Rhino is being a rare animal right now.

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